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Club Governance

Whether you are a club officer bearer or a manager, we offer services to help you.

Effective Club Governance is the foundation of success, but the peculiar nature of decision making in clubs does not make our lives easy.

Our ongoing work and survey of private clubs reveals the following “TOP TEN” challenges. See how many you recognise.

  1. Our Committees are too large and often too slow to make decisions
  2. Our meetings are too long and often ineffective
  3. Sometimes there is not enough focus on following through on the decisions that we have made
  4. We try to be business-like, but don’t have a robust plan to keep us focused
  5. Sometimes our volunteer committee members stray in to management of day to day operations
  6. It can be difficult to find the right people with the right approach to help our club committee
  7. We can be guilty of inconsistency and our policies lack continuity
  8. We can suffer from vocal minorities hijacking our agenda
  9. We often feel ill prepared to make decisions due to lack of information or insight
  10. We can tell things could be better, but there is a resistance to change, and we struggle to build momentum to do so

Help is now available in two formats to suit your club.

Tailored Club Governance Support

Personal, tailored support delivered onsite and virtually.