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CCL Chautauqua UK

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“Simply the single best management training course I have ever attended in 17 years in the industry!
An absolute must if you are serious about improving and pushing forward in your life & career!”

Gareth Morgan



  • Discussing your challenges with people who understand them
  • Sharing your knowledge with others in our industry
  • Stimulating ideas and solutions to bring to your club & career
  • Going at your own pace, in the classroom or on the road
  • Opening other areas of the brain and letting in the light
  • Taking a step back to see life’s hurdles in a different way
  • Reconnecting with managers you have met along your career journey
  • Maintaining and growing your network of industry supporters
  • Identifying new contacts with industry specialisms and experience you need
  • Continuous professional development beyond the classroom (CPD recognised)
  • Hitting the reset button after a challenging or difficult period
  • Charging your batteries for another year at the coal face of club management
2 cyclists


Want to know more about Chautauqua-UK ?

 In this fast-paced day and age, club management professionals are hard pressed to find time for substantive & meaningful conversation with fellow club managers. Our under-pressure professionals need the Chautauqua Experience because it engages physical, mental, and emotional health, in a way that’s fun, interesting, and communal – a recipe we each relate to.

Chautauquas were developed in the mid-nineteenth century as “mobile universities” that moved across America offering popular talks, intended to bring insight and entertainment to rural America. Twenty years ago, The Bicycle Chautauqua was created by Gregg Patterson & Randy Delaney, who updated the concept by creating a reflective opportunity for working club professionals to escape from the trenches to bond and connect with ideas and people, and to think deeply about club management in a physically stimulating social setting. This concept is now up and running with hugely successful events organised and facilitated by Kevin Fish in Kelso, Scotland, and Hunstanton, Norfolk.

The ride is designed to bring a group of industry professionals together, for meaningful conversation about the challenges of the day you are grappling with at the club, right now. It provides plenty of opportunities to debrief together to help find the solutions we need to consider for our clubs, our careers and our lives.

Interspersed amongst two days of easy bicycling (some choose electric bikes) will be coffee and lunch stops, plus 60-minute pre-ride up-briefs and 2-hour post ride facilitated debriefs, focusing on that day’s issues of importance to you.

Many of those industry topics and challenges are submitted by you and your fellow managers in advance of the event and discussed amongst a group with literally hundreds of years of industry experience between us.  In addition to these organized up-briefs and debriefs, each day’s ride will be filled with hours of discussion during breakfasts, rest stops, and of course dinner.

 Throughout the trip and the rides, we are supported 24/7 by the CCL team, in the Chautauqua Support Wagon, where soft drinks and snacks are always available, along with a lift back to base for anyone who decides for whatever reason you want it.



Q – I can cycle, but I haven’t done many miles since school – will I cope, and can I use an electric bike?
A – Yes – Chautauqua isn’t about how fast or how far, it’s about what you get from and give to those around you who want to take this opportunity at the same pace as you. Delegates unanimously say that they love the fact that the balance is definitely set more towards talking than sweating ! Several delegates hire an electric bike for that reason.

 Q – I cycle a lot, and love to sweat out 60 miles. Will I get that?
A – No – you don’t need Chautauqua for that, and the faster you go, the more you tend to miss out on the reflective element that comes with chewing the fat as the world goes by, going at a pace that encourages it.

Q – Do we all cycle together?
A – Everyone finds their preferred group – at the pace that suits you. We have CCL riders strategically placed at the rear, the middle and the front of the ride to help everyone get from the ride what they are comfortable with, be that 20, 30, or 40 miles over the course of the day. In the morning up-brief we share maps, & landmarks to look out for, and make sure everyone knows the meeting points we source along the way, for coffee stops, lunch and conversation.

Q – Is this truly educational Kev, or just a boondoggle?
A – Sharing ideas, concerns and insight about our industry and our careers, in a facilitated manner is often more insightful than much of the structured education that I have been proud to be involved with in Europe and the States. I always return from a Chautauqua refreshed and energised having learned from the best, and helped others along their way, as our Tribe always does. Check out the testimonials at the foot of this page from the managers who have attended one of our Chautauqua UK events.

Q – I’m running out of excuses not to come, but I don’t have a bike, and definitely couldn’t cope with a puncture!
A – Everyone has access to a bike these days, you just need to ask a friend, and try it out before the event. But if you need us to help you hire a bike nearby, no problem – we always team up with a great local bike shop with options to suit every ability, including electric bikes (I use one !).  We can even arrange to have your bike brought to you, and taken back after the event. We will give you a checklist to help you feel prepared before the event, and as for minor maintenance, it’s all part of the outdoor experience. Your fellow cyclists will be keen to show off their maintenance skills, and of course we have the CCL Support Wagon, which also offers free rides back to base if you want one. You might even purposefully puncture your tyres just to get some of Carol’s famous hedgehog cake and a lift!

 Q – What is the overall format of the event?
A – meet on the Tuesday evening from around 7pm, where we get the chance to meet each other over a drink and some pizza/nibbles. We cycle on Wednesday & Thursday, starting with an hour long up-brief, and concluding with a two hour debrief. After the early evening debrief everyone is free to make dinner arrangements, which can be together, or apart – its up to you. On the Friday morning we conclude our event with a gentle stroll for a coffee, and a final wrap up on our experiences together, before returning to our clubs refreshed and energised.

Q – What about accommodation?
A – We will source the best possible deal and encourage the group to stay together, but you can stay wherever you wish.

Q – What are the costs?
A – You obviously need to get yourself there, with a bike, a room, and feed yourself! There is also a £300 (+VAT) charge by CCL which covers all of the set-up, room hire & facilitation costs, soft drinks and snacks on the route, printed maps and support vehicle.

Q – OK, I’m interested – what do I do?
A – To receive advanced notice of the dates and venues, email me now and we will communicate again before we commence any nationwide promotion:

Q – Anything else?
A – To maximise the learning experience, numbers are intentionally limited at these events to just 20 delegate spaces. So, if you think this is for you, don’t hang about, take action and email me now to register your interest for the next event.

Still waiting to be convinced?  Check out the feedback and testimonials below.



98%  for “overall experience”

95%  for “will I do Chautauqua again within next 2 years?”

99%  for “would you recommend this event to a close friend?”

Testimonials from our Chautauqua UK events

What would I say to help someone understand Chautauqua?
– We do a little riding and a lot of reflecting,
– Cycling ability is NOT fundamental to the success of your trip
– Cycling is a rare form of transport that allows your brain to empty and before you know it your stresses will melt away,
– Come armed with some big questions that you want answered about your life, be it personal or professional,
– Be humble, open and vulnerable, or as Kev always says, Go Deep Early,
– Come prepared to support others as often someone is dealing with something far worse than you and you were completely unaware,
– And be ready for the epiphany moment on the bike or the debrief/upbrief or in the bar after your 3rd G&T. It will happen.
Howard Craft – GM, Berkhamsted GC

I would say it’s an educational expedition outdoors and taking GM’s outside of a boardroom it opens up different areas of your brain to allow you to really think differently whilst supporting others.
At Chautauqua, the natural content of topics & how everyone mixed and opened up and supported each other was something I have never experienced before. Sharing knowledge within a relaxed and safe environment and enabled an enhanced sense of belonging and heightened understanding of our roles as General Managers within the golf industry. I would strongly recommend this course and I can’t wait to do it all again in April 2024.
Kerry Alligan-Smith, Copt Heath GC

The Chautauqua was like taking all these best bits of MDP and multiplying them across three days. Loved it. For me, the journey turned into a more personal one than I expected. The chats on the road, over coffee and a few beers, are still sinking in, but already starting to change my outlook and habits. Thank you to all the participants and Kevin for bringing such an amazing group of like-minded people together to help each other.
I think it is a chance to take some time out and gives you the opportunity for a reset. At some stage during the week something will hit you hard and that could be a game changer for your career or home life.
Damien Connolly, MY Golf Group

A rollercoaster of emotions for me. Holding back the tears within the 1st hour to belly busting laughter at the stories and observations made along the way. I was in awe of the knowledge and experience in the room. The determination of those who hadn’t been on a bike in years was inspiring and everyone contributed without fear of being judged, thanks to the atmosphere that was created by a bunch of strangers drawn together by a unique idea.
Jo Kelly, Longniddry GC

Entirely positive, as opposed to being a nervous novice cyclist I was a out of practice in the classroom environment, instead of the sessions focusing on technical aspects of the job it revealed a much deeper conversation that was appreciated and embraced by all of the attendees.
Three reasons I would recommend attending a future Chautauqua: reintroduce yourself to a physically demanding activity, life can overtake this far too easily and all science points to this being an important part in mental as well as physical health. Afford yourself a couple of days away from Groundhog Day, creating much needed head space in a positive environment with like-minded individuals who are probably all needing more or less the same as you. It’s clear from the communications that followed the event, Chautauqua has created a community that will support one another going forward.
Gavin Kynoch, Gifford GC

On reflection I am happy I decided to attend the event and overall, really enjoyed the experience. What Went Well…. Superbly organised, ideal venue and location, great group of like-minded individuals willing to GDE, enjoyable rides (mostly!), good feedback / debrief sessions and enjoyed being outside sharing the experience with others.
If you are looking for an opportunity to step away from the Club, share challenges you are facing with fellow club managers, discuss the road ahead and grow your support network within the industry do not miss the Chautauqua. Superbly organised and facilitated by Kevin a unique learning experience.
Stuart Collier, Stoke Park GC

Can we go to Holland next….. it was an amazing experience, and I found the openness and group support incredibly rewarding, much more than I expected. I had many takeaways from the event and have reflected on it a lot since.
Gavin Cook, Elie

Building fellowship, forming friendships, having fun.
Steuart Fotheringham, ALPS

Talking to like-minded people in fresh air in a beautiful location.
Danny Welsh, Glasgow GC

A problem shared is a problem halved, a great way to get away from your day-to-day routine, challenged by exercise, great discussions, expanding your network, a very motivational 3 days.
Michael Braidwood, Brunstfield Links GC

A fabulous 3 days on and off the road. Amazing industry insights shared, and I left with real clarity of what I want in the future!
You will come with your own learning objectives, but as the event goes on you will realise that you have trebled those without realising. You will also benefit massively from conversing and helping others work through their own current challenges and thoughts brings you several unexpected learnings.
Gareth Morgan, GCMA Chairman

Networking on wheels! An opportunity to take a proper break from work and network with fellow industry professionals. Go at your own pace in the classroom or on the road. I personally thought I might have an issue with the number of miles and questioned my fitness pre-event but I was pleasantly surprised that apart from the the odd incline the cycling aspect was manageable and not stress full in the least. From a personal point of view and back in the UK after 16 years away I enjoyed the opportunity to improve my network and fell confident I have 14 more contacts to call for help. I much preferred this platform to network compared to any conference I have been at. Kevin and Carol are fabulous hosts and create a team bond within the group from the day you sign up. I also think spouses would benefit a lot from the experience.
Barney Coleman – GM, Burnham and Berrow GC

I recently attended a Chautauqua and had an incredible time. Although I’m not an avid cyclist, what truly made this experience memorable was the opportunity to spend quality time away from work with like-minded individuals. The conversations, shared experiences and connections made during the Chautauqua were invaluable. It was a refreshing break that not only recharged my batteries but also left me with new friendships and a sense of community. To have extended the pool of professionals I can call on of such quality is incredibly valuable to me. We work a lonely job, so isn’t it nice to know that you are not alone and everyone is going through the same as you – We are only ever the sum of the people we know! There was some strong specific takeaways that are very relevant to my current work priorities and different perspectives on the same topic are always good to discuss. This  event provided the opportunity for this to happen. . I can’t recommend this enough.
Chris White – GM, Hunstanton GC

I would recommend this event to General Managers who want to widen their network and collaborate with high class operators in the industry. It’s a no brainer to attend at least once.
Paul Kirwan – GM East Brighton GC

Simply three of the best days I’ve enjoyed during my time as a golf club manager – a rare mix of learning, reflection, and fun which needs to be experienced to be believed. Kevin Fish is the consummate operator when it comes to delivering engaging and inclusive sessions which truly get beneath the skin of the golf industry. He has as incredible ability to read a room, understand people’s motivations and bring their experiences together in shared learning. His import of the Chautauqua model brings a fresh layer of education and achievement. It was a privilege to be a part of it and to benefit from the considerable knowledge and experience of fellow delegates. We left having greater insight into the industry than we did when we arrived, having had opportunity for quality reflection on our own roles, and safe in the knowledge that we could call on fellow Chautaquans for help in the future. Throw in the three days of non-stop laughter and visits to some fine locations and eateries and it is easy to see why I would wholeheartedly recommend fellow GMs take part in future events. It was an absolute blast!
Sean Boyle – GM – Chesterfield GC

A networking event unlike any other. Shared experience in the outdoors in great scenery at a pace that allows you to think, reflect and remember.
James Newman 

The networking from the event was invaluable. To have extended the pool of professionals I can call on of such quality is incredibly valuable to me. We are only ever the sum of the people we know.
Neil Darnell – GM, Royal Ashdown Forest GC


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