Unlike many other industries, golf clubs are often guilty of failing to measure what matters at the club, resulting in much wasted time around the Committee table. To help Club Committees & Boards to better understand the common metrics by which a club’s performance can be judged, this new tool will provide benchmarks, ratios and data from a 2017 study of over 40 golf club accounts.

This will result in better informed decision making at your club as this quote shows, “...long overdue evidence and insight that will help my committee make decisions based on data, not emotion….”.

The Financial Analysis Tool has applied consistent financial modelling processes to data contained within year-end accounts and a small number of supplementary questions provided confidentially by Club Managers / Office Bearers at over 40 Scottish Golf Clubs. The report is personalised to your club and provides illuminating  insight in to a manageable number of key performance indicators :

  • Nationwide data such as green fees, subscription rates & membership numbers;
  • Sources of income, sources of expenditure and the impact of them on the club’s ability to thrive;
  • Comparisons against national data and clubs of similar size. 

Existing participants in the analysis were attracted from all four corners of the country, and represent every size of golf club that Scotland is proud to showcase.

The December 2017 edition of the CCL Ltd Financial Analysis includes:

  • Data revealing typical member resignation levels depending on size of club;
  • Visitor numbers and visitor revenue, depending on size of club;
  • Benchmarks for Cash reserves, and typical debt levels at clubs of different sizes;
  • Further analysis of departmental wage ratios;
  • Deeper insight in to each tier of club based on size (MWGF or Operating Revenue);
  • The Net Available Capital Ratio of successful clubs in each tier;
  • Typical Food and Beverage Gross Profit ranges;
  • Typical Bar spend, and;
  • The opportunity to track your clubs performance in these areas over time.

Clubs can join the analysis for £149.00, and will receive the up to date National Report and personalized data benchmarking your club against clubs nationally, and against clubs of a similar size.

If you would like to engage with Kevin in any of the above areas, please email him directly using or call on +44 (0) 7398 155 908